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Moroccan AntiquesNorth African AntiquesMoroccan Table North African Antique Tables
The three octagonal tables pictured to the left are North African antiques and are highly detailed with inlayed bone, stone and contrasting woods. These tables showcase floral, ornamental and calligraphic designs that are typical of furniture produced throughout North Africa and the Middle East during the Ottoman Empire.

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Greenroom Rug Mamounia Rug

This hand woven rug was specially designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard and The Rug Company for the Architectural Digest Greenroom at the Primetime Emmy Awards. Named after a famous hotel in Marrakesh, it features a burnt red tracery relief in pure silk thread on a background of fine virgin wool in a natural buff weft.

Find Similar Items: The Rug Company

Classic Sofa Ekornes Classic

Part of the Ekornes® collection, the Ekornes® Classic is a comfortable stationary sofa with a wide range of setup possibilities and configurations. Designed with pure comfort in mind, the frame and cushioning can even help back pain, improving your posture because you will not sink in over time.

Found at: Ekornes®

modern ottoman Stressless Ottoman Modern

Ekornes® believes that each piece of furniture should feel customized to each individual and with a built-in tilt system, the Stressless® Ottoman Modern will always be adapted to support your feet in any position.

Found at: Ekornes®

Suzani Fabric Konya Suzani Fabric

Suzanis are bold and colorful embroideries that have been seen in Asia for centuries. This Suzani cloth uses a cotton and rayon embroidery yarn, stitched so as to create a very raised textured effect. Through its rich colorations, the Konya Suzani hopes to achieve an antique, natural vegetable-dyed appearance.

Found at: F. Schumacher & Co.

Mashrabiya Screen Agadir Screens

The Agadir Screens are made of the highest grade Alder and are given a rich medium walnut finish. They are fitted with Mashrabiya imported from Morocco as well as custom antiqued mirrors. They measure 40 inches wide, 108 inches tall and are 2 inches deep.

Cher Sofa The Cher Sofa

The Cher Sofa, named for a famous diva, is made of walnut or teak and has a distressed terracotta finish with hand painted gold and ebony accents. It is upholstered with a thick silk weave and has pillows covered with fabric from Martyn’s own fabric line. It measures 9 feet long, 44 inches deep and stands 40 inches tall.

Found at: Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design

Fatima Mirror The Fatima Mirror

The Fatima Mirror has a thick carved wood frame, which is finished in either Turkish Terracotta or ebony and hand distressed with inset custom antiqued mirrors. They measure 24 inches both wide and tall with a 2-inch deep frame.

Found at: Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design

Side Table Tangiers Side Table

The Tangiers Side Table is made of walnut and can be custom finished in ebony or chocolate with hand painted faux-ivory accents. It measures 27 inches in diameter and stands 24 inches tall.

Found at: Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design

STall Brass & Marble Lamps Tall Brass and Marble Lamps

Italy – 1950s
Large pair of lamps with decorative glass detailing. New silk shade and professionally rewired.
Condition: Excellent vintage
Measurements: Height: 3 ft. 5 in. / Width/Length: 1 ft. / Diameter: 1 ft. 5 in.
Materials/Techniques: Brass and marble.
Ref. #U09072480801746

Founds at:: Orange at

Schumacher FabricSchumacher FabricSchumacher FabricSchumacher Fabric Schumacher Fabrics
Fabric collections from Schumacher including a rich mix of pomegranate reds, indigo blues and deep java browns. Textures include exotic Suzani-inspired wovens (Konya Suzani), intricate embroideries based on antique textiles (Saree Stripe), a linen velvet flamestitch design (Cortina Bargello) and boldly woven cotton stripes.

Found at: Schumacher Fabrics

Edelman LeatherFloor Edelman Leather
Flooring made of leather tiles in ivory by Edelman Leather, which will soften ambient sounds and warm the atmosphere. This unusual floor covering is created by a process that is both age-old and “green,” with only one tannery in the world capable of producing leather of this quality

Found at: Edelman Leather

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